The Packaging Development Success Cycle

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1. Primary Packaging

application requirements

Experienced tubes and containers packaging specialists will efficiently guide you through the optimization of your new or existing packaging process.

Defining both materials and manufacturing criteria becomes the basis for budgeting and other mission-critical development planning issues.

  • Filling material
  • Viscosity
  • Durability
  • Transport
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Saving resources
  • Filling quantity
  • Number of pieces
  • EVOH barrier
  • Hygiene
  • Reusable

2. Secondary Packaging 

container requirements

Corrugated and folding box packaging specialists will guide you expertly through the process of optimizing your new or existing secondary packaging operations.

Again, asking the right questions allows for proper development planning and more precise budgeting estimations.

  • Product
  • Leaflet
  • Refinement
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Saving resources
  • Quantity
  • Number of pieces
  • Transport
  • Reusable

3. Innovative Ideas

exploring the possibilities

Working toward an ideal, product-specific solution means starting with the customer’s vision and ending with packaging that matches this as closely as possible while meeting all protection and regulatory requirements.

Along the way, there are numerous development steps and technical issues to address and overcome.

  • Design customization (POS Shape)
  • Material (Paper tube)
  • EOL Requirement
  • Combination (packaging content)

4. Packaging Analysis

checking all possibilities

Among other priorities, packaging must communicate to a target group at the “point of sale.” protect its contents and be suitable for transport as well as logistics.

Ideally, it is also eco-conscious and simple to recycle or dispose of sustainably. In this step, we analyze all aspects of your package’s supply chain journey, circularity, and lifespan.

The complete supply chain process is analyzed.

  • Filling into the primary packaging
  • Secondary packaging
  • Logistics (Transport and storage)

5. Engineering

developing the packaging
taking into account all processes

IWK’s packaging experts work with you to develop high-quality solutions for primary and secondary packaging, either separately or in tandem.

Product, packaging material, volume, and feasibility must be analyzed, design possibilities explored, and the format concept and line concept have to be determined.

6. Test phase

sample creation / sample tool

Deciding which IWK packaging system is best for a particular project depends upon a variety of factors, including package aspects, functions, and construct.

The design, material and desired output play determining roles.

Once the initial points in the packaging development equation have been successfully worked out, an extensive test phase follows and finishes with a satisfied customer’s final approval.

7. Packaging System

final configuration of the complete system

With almost 130 years of know-how in mechanical engineering, IWK engineers find your tailor-made solution to all technical requirements.

The line is now configured according to the developed packaging solution.

Now the implementation of your production system can begin.


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